Swiss PV Certified – The label for PV systems

Customers, investors, insurers and PV system operators are placing increasing importance on standards and regulations. To date, there has been no comprehensive, structured, standard-compliant validation for photovoltaic systems. The Swiss PV Certified testing and certification system examines the quality, safety and performance of the whole PV system – from the individual module to the main system switch.

Swiss PV Certified provides the basis for disruption-free operation and benefits you, the system operator, because it identifies you as a reliable partner when working with investors, utility companies and insurance companies.

The quality label is based on the European standard for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. In addition to this, certification takes national requirements, such as the low-voltage installation standard or regulations concerning snow loads, hail and fire & lightning protection, into consideration.

Swiss PV Certified stands for:

The guarantee that your system will operate without disruptions in the long term.

Reliability vis-à-vis partners, investors, banks and insurance companies.

The highest productivity possible; the best utilization of investment and achievement of the highest possible yield.