Swiss PV Checked – The label for shipments and production batch inspections

Swiss PV Checked provides you, the importer, planner and installer, with certainty concerning the quality of the solar modules which you sell or deliver for installation.

What condition are the PV modules you ordered in when they arrive? A Swiss PV Checked production batch inspection will confirm the quality of the shipment.

Random samples are tested on the manufacturer’s premises (e.g. in China, Taiwan, etc.) before dispatch. Quality is monitored on site by our specialists, who are assessed and commissioned by Electrosuisse. Shock data loggers accompany the shipment from the production facility to the construction site – nothing escapes their notice. Logger data is analysed upon arrival, following which the shipment and further random samples are evaluated. This testing and classification is carried out by our contractual partner, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). You will receive comprehensive confirmation regarding the quality of the shipment.

Swiss PV Checked stands for:

Perfect quality of PV module shipments.

Confirmation of the quality of the entire production batch.

Optional testing of compliance with Swiss and international requirements concerning hail and snow loads.