Solar energy with a quality label

The international solar market is booming. This not only benefits the environment; manufacturers, installers, planners and owners of photovoltaic systems (PV systems) can also profit from solar energy. This is, however, only the case if systems are able to deliver energy safely, reliably and in the long term. Electrosuisse has therefore developed the independent Swiss PV quality label, with three different types of certification.

A Swiss PV Label is worthwhile:

The label guarantees a reliable, safe PV system which delivers long-term performance.

Certification is based on the latest international and national standards and regulations for photovoltaic components and systems.

The certificate pays off when working with investors, utility companies and insurance companies.

Standards; lightning and hail protection

Within the scope of the Swiss PV Label system Electrosuisse acts as an independent organization which tests the quality and performance of PV systems for operators, investors, planners and installers of PV systems. All fundamentals are examined, from planning through delivery and installation to start-up and maintenance as per the IEC 62446 standard. In addition to this, testing takes Alpine aspects into consideration and, in particular, Swiss requirements concerning snow loads, hail and fire & lightning protection regulations.

A plus for insurance; a bonus on the market

Error-free plug connectors; correct mains connections and the smallest possible electro-magnetic fields are also key factors in ensuring power production functions smoothly. Certification of all these aspects is advantageous for system owners when working with investors and insurance companies. Because everyone likes to work with a reliable partner.

An overview of the 3 Swiss PV labels

Type testing and manufacturer auditing

Quality testing of your shipment

Certification of PV systems

Swiss PV Label advantages:

The first independent quality label for photovoltaic systems and components.

Specifically tailored to Swiss requirements.

Better quality -> higher yields -> secure investment and electricity supply

For wholesalers, manufacturers, importers – Manufacturer auditing and type testing

For wholesalers, installers, PV planners – Testing of module quality before containers are loaded plus testing of modules after arrival

For investors, large-scale projects, banks – Testing of system dimensioning and monitoring of PV systems

Reasons which speak for the Swiss PV Tested label:

  • The IEC standard does not cover all Swiss requirements.
  • Additional SWISS TESTED testing is required.
  • Hail resistance up to 30mm
  • Extended snow load
  • Optional: Durability via PID test

Reasons which speak for the Swiss PV Checked label:

  • In the SWISS CHECKED system modules are checked before being dispatched and ALL EL images are reviewed.
  • A shock logger is installed in containers to monitor shipment.
  • Testing in Switzerland ensures that the purchaser is protected against the consequences of transport damages.

Reasons which speak for the Swiss PV Certified label:

  • Testing of PV systems which are already installed.
  • Safe wiring; poor connections; correct dimensions; performance checks, substructure, etc…
  • Secures investment and optimizes yields.