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Photovoltaics – A trend with potential

There are currently 60 000 photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of around one gigawatt in Switzerland. And there is plenty of potential to increase this! Falling prices for solar modules and technical progress make electricity generation using photovoltaics a good investment.

An area of approx. 80 square kilometres on roofs and façades – less than 20 percent of Switzerland’s roof area – would be sufficient to generate 20 percent of current electricity requirements using solar energy. An impressive piece of information which hints that a revolution can be expected in the power supply industry. Switzerland’s highly innovative photovoltaics research sector can look forward to a bright future, particularly as regards a planned project for large-scale multinational photovoltaic production in Europe. The country is also a world leader when it comes to the integration of solar modules into building envelopes.

Photovoltaics – An attractive energy source:

Prices for solar electricity have fallen by some 70 percent since the introduction of cost-covering remuneration for feed-in to the electricity grid (KEV) in Switzerland.

Since 2014 owners of solar power systems have been permitted to also use the electricity they produce.

Technical developments regarding solar storage methods are making rapid progress.

The photovoltaics market in Switzerland