In addition to the testing and certification of photovoltaic systems we also offer many other services in the PV segment.


We can provide online data evaluation of current performance over a PV system’s entire service life.

Auditing of cost-covering remuneration for feed-in to the electricity grid (KEV):

In combination with PV certification we can also audit your system within the scope of KEV verification.

Proof of origin auditing:

Proof of origin is an integral element of PV certification.

Auditing for “naturemade” classification:

As an additional option within the scope of PV certification we can also audit your system or products according to “naturemade” criteria.

Flasher testing:

Is used to identify defective PV modules within the system. We offer this test as an additional option if the result of on-site production batch testing is negative.

Network concepts:

We can provide comprehensive support within the scope of PV system connection to power grids, such as calculations, analyses and evaluations.

Storage systems:

We offer consulting advice and simulations for new, innovative technologies. Electrosuisse is actively represented on the relevant national and international bodies.

Confirmation of guarantee services:

Testing of quality and performance prior to expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty.