Swiss PV Tested – The label for manufacturers

Perfect material: This quality label provides certification for solar modules such as panels, inverters and connection boxes. It guarantees compliance with Swiss standard and quality requirements and identifies the manufacturer as a fair, socially responsible player on the international market.

Within the scope of the Swiss PV Tested quality label Electrosuisse certifies manufacturers of PV system components. As the bearer of this label you, the manufacturer, will be internationally perceived as a quality-conscious partner, thus increasing your chances of success on the market.

The Swiss PV Tested label also helps to prevent consequential costs caused by defective production and takes your goods to a new, consistent level of quality.

Swiss PV Tested stands for:

A quality-conscious partner on the international market.

Inspection and explicit rating of the manufacturer; the factory and manufacturing processes.

Compatibility of products on the Swiss market in compliance with all aspects of all standards.